Hi, My name is Maneeth Singh; I have Spastic Diplegia, which is a mild Cerebral Palsy and mild stutter. I am a focused and motivated individual who can accomplish anything I set my mind to despite my condition of Mild cerebral Palsy.

I was referred to this EmployAbility program from a DES provider as I needed more assistance on my job-searching journey.  

Working with my Employment Coaches, Dominika and Lisa through the EmployAbility program, has made me feel more motivated and able to prioritise my goals and work towards them at my own pace. I have also gaining more self-confidence and feel that I am well on my way to securing work experience or employment in the creative field.  

Quote –Don’t let anything negative define who you are or what your goals are – Do it for you not for anyone else- everyone is there for the end but not for your complete journey”. 

Employability has helped me to realise my potential and given me a mental confidence and motivation boost to press ahead on my employment journey. I’m confident I can reach my goals. 


If you, like Maneeth live with a physical disability and you’re ready to start your job search journey, contact one of our friendly EmployAbility Coaches to discuss how we can help you today.  Don’t forget it’s free!

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