Empowering you along your disability inclusion journey.

Hiring a Person with Disability

The Program:

The Building Employer Confidence (BEC) program helps organisations meet disability and inclusion goals through continuous assessment, tailored training, advice and guidance from our specialist team with lived experience of disability.

By the end of this program, you will feel confident in hiring a people with disability as well as creating and maintaining a disability friendly workspace, supported by our dedicated Building Employer Confidence team throughout the entire journey.

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Benefits of Hiring People with Disability:

Hiring people with disability not only promotes diversity within the workplace but can offer many benefits for organisations looking to overcome recruitment challenges:

1. Increased Diversity: Make sure you’re equipped to cater to a diverse customer base.

2. Fill Talent Gaps: Attract highly skilled workers and gain competitive advantage.

3. Improved Workplace Engagement: Benefit from improved job satisfaction, increased productivity and lower turnover.

4. Enhanced Public Image: Demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusion to improve brand loyalty.


Alex Jennick

“Our partnership with SCIA’s recruitment service has provided us with outstanding team members who have excelled in their roles. Through their life experiences they have strengthened the diversity of our workforce and our competitive advantage.”

Managing Director

Our Process for Building Employer Confidence

What to expect when enrolling in our Program:

1. Disability Inclusion Initial Assessment

Undertake a disability inclusion initial assessment to identify what is already working in your disability inclusion journey and to pinpoint further improvements for successfully hiring people with disability.


2. Receive a Tailored Action Plan

Benefit from an individualised action plan to help you address these areas of improvement and achieve your disability inclusion goals.


3. Engage in Learning & Development Modules

A series of specialised disability awareness training modules, developed alongside people with lived experience of disability, that will build your confidence in hiring people with disability.

Take a look at our module list below…


4. Ongoing Recruitment Support

Advice and guidance for creating real employment opportunities for people with disability and becoming a disability-friendly employer.


Explore Our Training Modules

Our modules can be tailored to individual organisational needs. Get in touch to find out how we can design training specific to your inclusion goals:


Building a Confident Workforce
Exploring Workplace Modifications
Enhancing Workplace Education
Improving Workplace Accessibility
Developing the Recruitment Process
Using the Power of Language
Understanding Privacy and Sensitivity
Overcoming Discrimination and Bias

 Are you committed to becoming a disability-friendly employer?

Take our quiz to find out if you’re ready to hire people with disability, and gain initial insight into where improvements can be made to foster a more inclusive workplace:


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