In 2016 Kate sustained significant spinal injuries during a trackwork fall while horse riding at Warwick Farm Racecourse. Due to her injury she was unable to return to work in horse racing and as a result.

When Kate was ready to look for work after a period of physical rehabilitation, she began the process of understanding what employment options were available to her.

After identifying skills that included great communication, empathy, good listening, and resilience, as well as an ability to quickly build rapport with new people, Kate was able to land a role as a Peer Support mentor and has since moved on to other ventures.

Having the awareness to leverage her transferable skills as well as use her new lived experience of physical disability in a positive way, meant that Kate was able to explore a job that was completely different to anything she had known pre injury.

The EmployAbility program has been designed specifically to support people like Kate, who have had to reassess their employment choices after an accident or injury. We can help you to outline your skills and experience and identify employment opportunities with disability inclusive employers that you may not be aware of.

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