This webinar provides a comprehensive overview and examples of disability discrimination in the workplace and where you can seek support when you need it.

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If you live with physical disability, or you know of someone who lives with disability who’s looking for work and need some support on their job search journey, complete the Expression of Interest form by clicking on the link below or contact our team via the contact us form today!

Resources and Supports

Disability Discrimination Act information – A brief guide to the Disability Discrimination Act | Australian Human Rights Commission

Make a complaint – Complaints | Australian Human Rights Commission

National Information Service for help at any stage of the process call – 1300 656 419 or 02 9284 9600 

Fairwork Ombudsman can help build confidence as a person living with disability in the workforce – Employees with disability – Fair Work Ombudsman

Australian Centre for Disability Law – provide free legal advice 

State and Territory human rights and equal opportunity agencies also deal with disability discrimination issues under the legislation they administer. The Fair Work Act 2009 also covers discrimination in employment.

Disability discrimination statistics – People with disability in Australia, Disability discrimination – Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (

Case study – Nathanael Peacock – X-ray reveals why Sydney man got fired from job | — Australia’s leading news site.