EmployAbility – Normalising Employment for people with physical disability.

Prior to 2006, Cameron McMullen described himself as a “workaholic”, who spent up to 60 to 80 hours a week managing his own bread run. This all changed after he dived into a shallow wave and sustained a C5/6 spinal cord injury, which resulted in quadriplegia.

In the years that followed, Cameron was unsure about re-entering the workforce. Having spent his career working in hands-on, physical roles Cameron stated that “I didn’t know what jobs I could do, or how I could do them and that’s where EmployAbility were able to open my eyes up to new opportunities”.

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia’s employment service, EmployAbility, helps people with physical disability to lead more independent and inclusive lives by supporting them to aspire to, prepare for and find meaningful employment.

EmployAbility is not just a recruitment service supporting job seekers with their resume, interview skills and finding them a job with a disability inclusive employer. We also offer the option to complete an online job skills training program, which has been specifically developed for people like Cameron, who might need a bit more support on their journey to work. Cameron said that he found the course easy to navigate, very informative about practical job search skills and his rights as a person with a disability in the workforce.

What makes EmployAbility truly unique is that when a job seeker signs up with EmployAbility, they are matched with one of our Employment Coaches, who also has lived experience of physical disability. They have been on the employment search journey and can share their experiences to help job seekers build confidence and ensure that they are better equipped to face any challenge that comes their way. Cameron described the support that he received from his employment coach as incredible stating that “I probably wouldn’t be in the workforce if it wasn’t for them!

The best thing about the EmployAbility program is that it’s FREE!

After completing the Employability program, Cameron was matched with one of their employer partners and in the five months of working as progressed to a supervisory position within the organisation and has described his new role as being “absolutely incredible and is loving the journey of growing with the company.”

Cameron also finds “being part of the workforce is very rewarding in itself, being employed has definitely given me purpose and passion again. I’ve met team mates; I have built friendships and now have surplus income as opposed to living from week to week”

Cameron’s advice to anyone in his situation is to “just do it and have a crack”.

If you, or you know of anyone with physical disability, who is looking for work, or has a job but is looking for something more, Employability could be just what they’re looking for to support you on your job search journey.

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