In 2016 Binod arrived in Australia from Nepal. Whist Binod was in Australia to complete his Bachelors’ degree in Information Technology at University, he was also keen to explore and learn more about the amazing country that he had heard so much about.

Just after graduating from university, 20 year old Binod set out on a road trip destined for the beautiful Snowy Mountains with some friends. Travelling via road allowed him to see the real beauty of the countryside. On his return Binod was in a serious head on car accident, which resulted in a life changing spinal cord injury.  

After a long period out of employment due to ongoing treatment and rehabilitation, Binod thought that he would never be able to return to work.

Before the accident, Binod had worked in customer service and IT technician roles, but after his accident due to the limitations he had with his disability, he knew that he would struggle to find another job in these fields and was losing hope and confidence, concerned that he may never find a job.

There were very few roles suitable for me based on the skills that I have and the limitations I had with my disability. Not being able to drive a car and physical limitations like lifting things. I have weakness in one arm, neuropathic pain, bladder and bowel problems, not to mention dealing with my mental health. These were just some of the barriers I had when looking for work. It was dauting process to find a suitable role for me.” Binod said.

“When I heard about EmployAbility, I first reached out to see if there were any job vacancies. Phat, SCIA’s EmployAbility Manager, explained to me about the EmployAbility program and I thought this will be beneficial for me. It would help boost my confidence, identify new opportunities and they could connect me with disability friendly employers.”

When asked for feedback on the Employability program Binod replied, “The EmployAbility program has really helped me build my confidence, create an effective resume and cover letters, identifying my transferrable skills, strengths and weakness and also prepare me for interviews. I’ve also learnt more about disability rights and the supports and services that are available for people with disability.

The best thing about the program is that the Employment coaches are really supportive and provide all the information clearly.”

Binod has been fortunate enough to find employment with Spinal Cord Injury Australia’s Wheelchair Book and Ride team as a Customer Service Representative.

I am happy in my new role because all the team members are extremely supportive and they allow me the flexibility to work remotely and manage time off for further rehabilitation or treatments.” Binod said.

“This program will enable someone with disability to prepared for searching for a job, preparing for interviews and working with your employer to ensure that you are settled in your new role. I will surely recommend the program to others in a similar situation like me.

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